Gotou Kakushi is the main character in Kakushigoto. He writes vulgar manga and tries to hide it from his young daughter, Hime.


Gotou is a young slim adult with short black hair that often covers his left eye. He wears glasses when working and has a very small and short chin beard.

Relationships Edit

Hime Gotou is daughter to Kakushi.

Kakei Ami, Shiji Aogu, Keshi Kakeru, and Sumita Rasuna are all assistants in Kakushi's manga job. They all put up the false pretense that Gotou is an office worker for the sake of Hime.

Himes MotherIs Kakushi's wife and Hime's mother. It is shown that he is devoted to her to the point that even when Hime is grown up, he is still trying to find her and will apparently accept no one else in his heart but her.


  • The title is a pun, written かくしごと , it can be translated as : "secret" [kakushi goto] and "drawing work (job)" [kaku shigoto]; but it is also the name of the protagonist Kakushi Gotou.
  • His name is also related to his family's relationship. he is a かくしご- kakushigo, an illegitimate child.
  • Kakushi Gotou's seiyuu has also voiced Nozomi Itoshiki, the main character from one of the mangaka's other work.
  • His family is a famous Kabuki household.


  1. Chapter 39
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