Hime is a young girl with green eyes, fair skin, and long, straight black hair with short bangs that reveal most of her forehead.

During the flashforward's of her as a teenager, her appearance mostly remains the same though her eyes show a faded, weary and dull look to them instead of the bright and colorful expression she had as a child.


Hime can be described as a kind and very industrious character. She does not ask or talk about her past or her father's actual occupation.


Hime was born to Kakushi and an unnamed mother ("Chapter 2").


Kakushi Gotou (Father)Edit

She was loved by her father for 17 years without caring about others. sometimes she refuse to be with friends just to be with him.

Ichiko Rokujou (Teacher) Edit

Silvia Kobu (Classmate) Edit

Hina Tomi (Classmate) Edit

Riko Kitsuchi (Classmate) Edit

Nadila (Housekeeper) Edit



  • Like her father, her name is a pun on a Japanese word for secret: himegoto (秘め事).
  • She inherits drawing talent from grandpa. However, she enjoys making manga.


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